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School Activities
Trip to MorachiChincholi
Date:16th Dec 2017

  Students of std VI got a chance to get close to the nature through their trip to MorachiChincholi.Students visited this very beautiful villageon 16th Dec 2017.

  They had an opportunity to experience bullock cart ride, tractor ride. Puppet show and magic show was one of the highlight. The display of old and traditional house hold items gave students a very close rural life exposure.

  Along with this entertainment they also got to learn about astrophysics. The special feature was to see peacocks and if one is more fortunate than one gets to see peacock dance with a little bit of drizzle. The trip in touched beauty of nature was memorable.

Bagless Day
Date: 9th December 2017

  “True enjoyment in learning comes through activity.” To have the same experience , the school organised a bagless day for the students of class V and class VI on 9th December 2017.

  Many constructive activities and innovative games were planned for the day. The teachers and the students were all excited to have a new experience in learning.

  The activities involved were spinning the yarn, debate, story and enacting, extempore, radio interview ect. The environment in the school was changed from coercieve to interactive learning.

The students were ignorant of the fact that they were learning through these fun activities. The bagless day was a success. The students who do not have an aptitude for academics, got a chance to explore and develop other skills.

It’s a great initiative taken by the school, as every 2nd Saturday would be a bagless day – ‘The joy of learning day.’

Educational Trip
Date: 02/12/2017

  An educational trip was arranged for class VII to impart knowledge through practical and interesting manner.

  The students visited science park situated at Chinchwad on 2nd Dec 2017. It was a thorough learning experience for children as they got to know various basic concepts in science through models and demonstrations. They also got to know about the workings of various scientific gadgets used in daily life by around 268 exhibits.

  Students also enjoyed short 3D film at the 3D auditorium. They also got a chance to have basic information about astronomy, stars and planets at the inflatable dome planetarium.

The science park lives upto its name. It has greatly helped students to broaden their knowledge about science.

Nov 2017

  The school undertook a social awareness drive with a spate of activities for the month of November 2017.

  The first to begin with it were the V grade students. A special ‘Cleanliness’ drive was carried out by them on 22nd Nov to the place behind Atul nagar. The students took a pledge to clean their school, homes, public places and neighbourhood. They were given handy tips to keep their surroundings and school clean.

  They enthusiastically took up brooms and garbage bags to clean up every nook and corner of the garbage area of Atul Nagar. The whole drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the students. The students realized that any work is best done when it is carried out by the person himself.

One Nation Reading Together
Date: 24th Nov 2017

  ‘One Nation Reading Together’ is an annual event organised by Scholastic. Sahyadri National School also participated in the event. On 24th Nov. 2017, children spent 30 minutes to celebrate reading as a pleasurable and enriching experience.

  ‘The activity commenced with a reading pledge written by a famous poet and author – Jerry Pinto, who says ‘Open a book, an idea will pop-out and change the way you see the world forever.’

  Many children read fiction / non-fiction books, story books while others read from their text books. The school was overwhelmed with the pleasant and calm atmosphere as everyone was engrossed in the reading activity.

 This activity aquainted the students into the joy of reading together in silence. Such events help the children to keep alive the enriching habit of reading. The activity ended by the students penning down their thoughts on the graffiti wall.

Traffic rules
Date: 23rd nov 2017

  Life becomes great only when its disciplined. Discipline on the road is the foremost. Students of std VI carried out a social awareness activity, ‘Follow the traffic rules’.

  The traffic police team helped to execute the task on the road at warje chowk. Children distributed handmade cards mentioning the basic rules to be followed on road safety. The commuters too cooperated with the students.It was indeed a great experience for our students.

  The human rights activity for the students of std VII was organised on 24th Nov 2017. The morning shift students along with their teachers covered the residential area of Bhople chowk and afternoon shift students covered the Ramnagar area. The students were very much excited when they were talking about their rights and duties to the residents. They spoke about the ten safety points what everyone should follow in everyday’s life. The students even distributed handmade cards, safety points written on it to the residents.

Children’s day celebration
Date: 14th Nov 2017

  “We were all children once.” A day marking childhood- children’s day is about children and enjoyment. With the same desire it was celebrated in the school on 14th Nov 2017 . It was a fun filled day with many novelties. It began with decoration of the classes in their own way. Sports teachers arranged many games for them. A movie show was organised which the children enjoyed to their fullest. The day concluded with a small singing and dancing programme. The school was buzzing with joy and excitement. So the day was with the theme from ‘Teachers to students’.

Field trip to Balewadi Stadium
Date: 11th Nov 2017

  Students of grade VII got an opportunity to go on a field trip to Balewadi stadium on 11TH Nov 2017. All the sports teachers accompanied the students to ‘The shree shiv chhatrapati sports complex stadium’, nicknamed Balewadi stadium. The students were looking forward to this amazing trip as most of them had never been to a professional football stadium. A member of the stadium joined to give information and guide through the stadium. He informed that apart from football, there is also a great athletic facilities ranging from swimming pool, rifle shooting, cycle tracks, badminton courts and running tracks. They got to witness all these. As the students love sports, they had a great time visiting the stadium.

‘Talk by authors’
Date: 2nd week of NOV 17

  It is rightly said that, “Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can”. With this view in the mind a session was arranged for grade III to IX on ‘Talk by authors’. In the second week of November learned and experienced resource people were called to inspire and encourage children to read more and more books. They guided the students on how to go about in reading and even read out some inspirational anecdotes to incline them towards reading. Student’s doubts and queries were also answered. On the last day, a book exhibition was held where students got a chance to add variety of books in their collection.

Navratri Celebration
Date:29th Sept 2017

  To celebrate the victory of the force of good over evil, Navratri was celebrated on 29th Sept 2017 in the school basement with great joy and vigour. Students and teachers came in traditional dresses. All of them celebrated with joy and cheer. It was a colorful celebration with teachers joining the students enthusiastically in their dance.

Session for VII
Date: 23rd Sept. 2013,

  A session for std VII parents was held on 23rd Sept. 2013, Saturday.It was conducted by Mrs. Gayatri Lele.

  The topic for the session was emotional changes in adolescence leading to behavioral changes .It was with an aim to bring about an awareness in the concerned parents of adolescents.

  Mrs.Gayatri Lele informed them that adolescence is a time of big social and emotional development for a child. This would help to know what o expect and how to support the child through changes.

  Mrs. Lele directed the parents that changes are a part of the child’s journey to adulthood, and parent play a big role in helping the child, develop grown up emotions and social skills.

  Mrs.Gayatri Lele satiated the queries of the parents .The parents were happy to have attended such a session making them wise.

Yoga & Taekwondo Competition (Std. I to IV)
Date: 29th August, 2017

  Sports develop team spirit among the children. It also develops the body and makes it strong and active. Yoga & Taekwondo competitions were organized on 29th August, 2017, on the occasion of National Sports Day. Many kids actively participated in this competition. It was a memorable event.

Yoga is important for overall health and well being. Yoga helps in natural development of children’s minds and bodies. Yoga competition was organized for students in our school. The children carried out the postures perfectly. Many kids participated in this competition.

Session for VI Nutrition
Date: 21st Aug 2017

  There is a considerable truth in the adage “You are what you eat”.Keeeping this in mind a session was held in the school on 21st Aug 2017 on ‘Nutrition’. We had Dr. Asmita Phadke – a nutritionist who owns a diet clinic to speak to the parents (of std VI students) on healthy nutrition, the prevention and the treatment of diseases with health care. She focused on malnutrition, its effects and also its prevention .She also informed the curious parents that nutrition varies from person to person according to genetic makeup, level ofactivity, general state of health and environment, which can help the parents to plan the food intake for their children. She satisfied all the parents by answering their queries.

Dr.Asmita ended the session by conveying that the state of the body and its function depends on how appropriately it is nourished.

Field Trip Std VI
Date: 19th Aug 17

  The school organized an educational trip for std VI to Girme Farms on 19th Aug 17 to Baner.

  The staff of farm warmly welcomed the students. One of the staff member was available to take the students around and give necessary information.

  TThe students were very excited to see different kinds of plants which they had never seen before. They also noted the botanical names of the plants mentioned.

  There was a collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants namely Pitcher plant, Mimosa, Bonsai, Organic plants. Students learned how farms are divided and planted into sections.

  A visit to Girme Farms Garden Center was very productive as the students were yielded with much knowledge about different plants, different seeds, soils, pesticides and fertilizers.

Field Trip Std V
Date: 19th Aug 17

  An educational trip was organized for std V to water purification plant, on 19th Aug 17, which is situated in Kondave.

  Both the shifts visited it. Their respective class teachers and coordinators accompanied the students.

  The whole staff of water purification plant was very cooperative .The incharge over therewas specially available to provide the necessary information and explain the process of water treatment in detail to each group of students.

  The students got the chance to practically witness the process –how polluted or impure water straight from dam is purified and made fit for consumption.

  The visit was very fruitful as the students understood the importance of safe water supplying to the community and the process of treating water.It provided an insight to the students about water conservation as well.

Annual Concert
Date: 18.8.17

  This was a great event conducted on 18.8.17 at Yashwant Rao Chauhan Natyagruha. All the students participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The teachers also guided them with full energy and few choreographers who are our ex-students helped us to make this event a grand success.

Trekking to Hanuman Tekdi
Date: 29.7.17 Saturday

  The students of STD VI along with their teachers had been to trek the hills of Hanuman Tekdi.The students were excited to explore one of the gem of Pune. It is comparatively a small hill to be trekked upon. Students got to see the observation deck on the top of the vetal tekdi that gives us 360 degree view of Pune and its urban crawl. It is a very nice place to sit, meditate and worry about global warming. The students went all the way to Hanuman Tekdi and they were happy to get some open space for themselves and enjoyed quite a lot.

Date: 22nd July 2017

  Elocution refers to one’s capacity of communicating with others with the use of Correct speech and gestures .children should speak well in school and other places; keeping this in mind intra school elocution competition was organized on 22nd July 2017, Saturday. The aim was to enhance their oratory skills and build confidence. There was a healthy competitive spirit as good number of students participated for it. Grade V to Grade IX were in the competition with one other.

  It was a pleasure to watch such young orators speaking in a disciplined manner. The children focused on the aspects like expressions, voice modulation, confidence, content as they would be judged on these oratories.

  As the competition was organized on the occasion of TIlak Jayanti many students choose to speak on Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s life incidents. The other topics were Missile man APJKalam, Savitribai Phule, Saving water harvesting etc.

  The judges Mrs. Prasita Niar , Mrs. Vijayalakxmi and Mrs. Mrunal Soni did a very fair job as the well deserved were declared as a winner. Starting from the morning shift the winner for the first group are grade V students Ninad Nahar bagged the first place the topic chose was ‘Importance of education’ , Janhvi phale got the second place and siddhi khatal stood third. In the second group (std. VI and VII)Anusha khadlag stood first ,she spoke on ‘Life of Tilak’. The second place was taken by Reeyah Gupta, Sanika Londhe stood third .

  Samruddhi Jangam and Pawale Prathamesh were appreciated with consolation prizes. In the second group (std VIII and IX) first place was bagged by Aditya Nainar. Second place was taken by Anushri Pillai , and third place was given to Shreyash shrotri .Two students were appreciated by consolation prizes Param Dalvi and Aditya Jadhav.

  For the afternoon shift in the group one (std V and VI )Aditya Bhatt bagged the first place, there was a tie in second place- Rohini Rajole and Prithviraj Dengale were declared as winners. In the third place too there was a tie Yukta Kumbhare and Anusha Kawade won it. In the second category (std VII and VIII) first place was taken by Rachana Pillai and second place was bagged by Rishikesh Pillai,Abijeet Gidde was also appreciated with a consolation prize.

Parent Session – Std.3 (Nutrition and Parenting)

  Nutrition plays an important role in our life. Giving children nutritionally dense food options is important for proper overall growth and development.

  Parenting is an everyday learning experiences and every child needs support to achieve their full potential.

  In this session, parents were guided how nutrition and parenting will help in overall development of their children.

  This session was conducted by our counselor Mrs. Gayatri Lele. All the parents actively participated in the session.

Parent Session – Std.2 (Disciplining children)

  Discipline plays a major role in our life. In fact, it is a key factor responsible for a successful life. Parent session was organized for std II parents and our topic was disciplining the children. The session was conducted by our H.M. Shubhada Deshmukh. She discussed various methods, through which one can discipline his/her child. It was a very informative session for all the parents.

Field Trip STD. 3 & 4

  Field trip for Std. III was arranged to a fire station. Students learnt about fire fighting apparatus such as fire engines and related vehicles, personal protective equipments, fire chooses and other specialized equipments.

  Field trip for STD. IV was arranged to the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum. Museum contains collection of ornaments made of ivory, silver and gold, musical instruments, war weapons and vessels.

Talent Hunt I, II, III and IV

  A talent is the skill that someone naturally has to do something that is hard. Sahyadri National School has organized Talent Hunt for STD I, II, III and IV. Students exhibited their talent in various activities like playing instrument, mimicry, imaginary play, mono act etc… The criteria’s for judging were:-

  •     1. Character
  •     2. Content
  •     3. Presentation
  •     4. Confidence
  • All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition and executed their talent.
Handwriting Competition (STD. I & II)

  Handwriting plays a very important role in our life. Handwriting activities parts of our brain involved in thinking and working memory. It also sharpens our critical thinking. Handwriting competition was arranged for STD. I & II. Students enjoyed writing neatly and beautifully.

Nutritious Food Week
Date: 17th July to 22nd July’17

  Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet helps you to be fit. We had arranged nutritious food week from 17th July to 22nd July’17. During this week students brought nutritious food like sprout roll, paneer, fruit salad, fermented food etc… Teachers explained the students about the nutritious food and also played an AV through which students understood about the importance of nutritious food. Students actively participated in this activity and enjoyed eating their nutritious food.

Date: Sunday, 09.07.2017

  We are honored that our students of Sahyadri national School Participated in the elocution competition which was organized By the Lokmanya TIlak Vidyapeeth on Sunday 09.07.17.The Students spoke in three languages, ENGLISH, HINDI, and MARTHI. Though a tough competition, our students came out with flying colours Sanika Londhe of VII class won the second prize and Adityan Nainar won Third prize out of many participants.

Date: Saturday, 08.07.2017

  Everyone wants to have tasty, delicious food every day. Be it young or old. to catch up with the trendy diet ,a salad decoration competition was held in Sahayadri National School for the students of IX and X class. It was amazing to see the students work on their innovations and ideas and gave their best. We got to see variety of salads and decorations made by them. This activity was conducted to give them different spice away from their everyday routine.

Field Trip (Std. I & II)
Date: Saturday, 08.07.2017

  The best field trips can bring two seemingly unrelated worlds together. Field Trips enrich student’s Knowledge. They learn a lot of things outside the classroom.

  Our students of Std. I visited Joshi Museum on 08/07/2017 (Saturday); it is a good small personal museum giving historic details of Railways and it is mentioned in Limca Book of Records. Students got immense knowledge about the railways working systems and signals. It was an informative and innovative field trip.

  Our students of Std.2 visited Girme Farms Garden Centre on 08/07/2017 (Saturday); where a vast variety of garden products like plants, garden pots, seeds, soil, sprinklers, pesticides, fertilizers, tools and implements were present. There the students learned about types of plants and flowers. It was an informative field trip.

Date: Saturday, 08.07.2017

  This competition was conducted for the students of VIII / IX/X. the students were told to frame the poem on their own and put their ideas. This competition gave a platform to the students to feel, think and have a vision towards writing skills. This competition was conducted on 8.7.17

Story Telling Competition
Date: Saturday, 08.07.2017

  "Great stories happen to those who can tell them." --Ira Glas

  Stories are the easy way for people to understand information and also have always been valuable tool to transmit human experience. Narration is the way we simplify and make sense of a complex world. To encourage our students for it, we Sahyadri National School organized Story Telling Competition on 08/07/2017 (Saturday) for Std. III and IV on the occasion of Guru Pournima.

  It was a theme based competition and the theme was Stories with moral. Criteria for judging were expression, pronunciation, presentation, voice modulation. Students participated enthusiastically. We are swollen with pride to get amazing story tellers in the school.

Date: Friday, 07.07.2017

 Oath taking ceremony took place at Sahyadri National School with great pomp and grandeur. The previous duties of the Captains prefects, head girl, head boy were handed over to the new elected students .The students were investitured by our honorable Headmistress Mrs. Shubhada Deshmukh. The honour given to them, teaches them to respect each other and work with team spirit. The ceremony ended with inspiring Speech by our Headmistress.


 Different types of exam are encouraged in Sahyadri National School. We have a huge participation from students of Sahyadri. Olympiad, MTS, NTS, TMV etc. The first beautiful crown was the result of MTS exams Where in our students have won district level prizes and in scholarship Exams we have been uploaded with laurels by the students .Each and every Student is motivated to appear for different exam and know this talent.

Parent Session Std 4
Date: Saturday, 01.07.2017

 The school conducted the Parents Session on 01/07/2017 (Saturday) based on Study Skills for Std. IV. It was conducted by Mrs. Pushpa Gopal, who is having more than 25 years of experience in teaching and have conducted many informative sessions for students, teachers and parents. She gave the exclusive ideas to improve the child study skills through presentation and live examples. She also explained that how acknowledging, accepting and appreciating the child will boost his/her morale. The session was well appreciated by all the parents.

Trekking Activity
Date: Saturday, 01.07.2017

 Students and teachers of Sahyadri National School went for trekking through the mountains of NILKANTHESHWAR and SINHAGAD. A wake up call was made at 7.00a.m in the morning and trekkers left the premises at 7.30 a.m after a short prayer. They were guided by the sports teachers and the teaching staff till the destination. On the way everyone enjoyed their breakfast between rocks and trees. The trekking went through streams, rocks and bushes and reached to its destination at 10.00 a. m. They returned to school at 12:30noon.

 The trekking was very encouraging for students as they got to be connected to the nature.

  They gained self confidence and learnt how to cooperate with the team.

Poster Making Competition
Date: 24/06/2017 (Saturday).

 Drawing and Colouring are important educational tools. It enhances children’s’ imagination and helps them to express their feelings. Drawing and colouring also helps the children to focus and increase their patience. We all have talent in us but we never get a chance to expose it. Keeping this in mind we Sahyadri National School organized Poster making competition for Std. III and IV on 24/06/2017 (Saturday). It was a theme based competition and themes were 1) Save Water, Save Environment; 2) Save Food, Save Environment; 3) Save Energy, Save Environment; gratifying this year’s theme of our school to save the Environment. All the children participated enthusiastically. The creativity of the students was seen through their posters. Exposes can enhance talent.

Session for v grade girls
Date: 24/06/2017 (Saturday).

 A session for mothers of grade V girls was conducted on 24th June 2017, Saturday at 10a.m to 11.40a.m. The session was conducted by Mrs Gayatri on puberty and growing up. The main objective was to understand and cope with physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty and also health and hygiene, being active and nutrition was what the session focused on.
  Mrs Gayatri conveyed to the curious mothers that adolescence is a challenge .Excitement and anxiety are some of the confusing experiences of an adolescent.
  Lastly the session ended by suggesting that a positive family environment and a hospitable school atmosphere are the basic necessity for the changes of puberty.


 We are glad to inform that elections were conducted in Sahayadri National School for V to IX to elect the Captains , Vice-Captains and Prefect for this academic year. This activity is done in order to cultivate and motive the students to learn good leadership qualities and responsibilities . They get to learn team work, patience and perseverance.

Felicitation Passed out X Class students(2016-17)

 The tradition of X class who passed out is carried out with great zeal and pomp in Sahayadri National School. The chairman Mr. Vijay Barate with the Headmistress and teaching staff showered their blessings on these students for a bright and colourful future. small token of love in the form of books and pens were given to the students. The Headmistress and teachers were also felicitated with flower saplings . The experiences of the students were shared and the programme ended with the interaction between the passed out students and the current batch.

Parent’s orientation programme
Date: 9th June 2017 & 10th June 2017

 Parent’s orientation programme was held on 9th and 10th June 2017 for the new admissions from std I to std VII. The headmistress briefed about upcoming academic year. She also explained about:

1. Transport:-

  • Each school bus will have a lady attendant.

  • School has approved some private vans and their details are available on the school’s website.

  • 2. C.C.E. :

  • Through CCE pattern, we mould the child through various home assignments, activities and projects.

  • Bifurcation for the CCE pattern is as follow:

  • Standard Formative Summative
    I 70 20+10
    II 60 30+10
    III 50 40+10
    IV 40 50+10

    She also counseled about good parenting and explained them about dos and don’ts of the school.
    Later on, the orientation was continued by explaining the parents about notebooks, calendar and diary.
    Parents extended their gratitude towards the management, headmistress and teachers.

    Prakat Din
    Date: Wednesday, 29th March 2017

    Venue : Basement Hall of the School


     Sahyadri National School celebrated its Swami Samarth Prakat Din and foundation day of Shree Swami Samarth Dnyanpeeth’s. The programme was
    started in the evening at 5:15 p.m. with pooja and aarti in praise of the adorable Shree Swami Samarth. The gracious presence of the chairman Mr. Vijay
    Barate , Mrs. Vaishali Barate, Headmistress, Academic advisor, teachers, parents, students, kakas and mausis had beautified the evening. Everybody felt blessed and prayed for the eternal blessings which will lead us to work in a positive way.

    The Bagless Day
    Date: Saturday, 25th March 2017

    Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.

     The children are left with no option than to carry heavy school bags these days. It is very common to find students carrying huge bags with their shoulders drawn down with the weight. Sahyadri National School gave a bag less day to its std III and std IV students on 25th Mar, 2017, Saturday. The day was full of fun and learning activities. The perspective behind the bag less day was to enhance the different hidden skills of students by giving them chance to be faced off with interactive classes like Drama, Book reading, Puppet show, Art and Craft, Dance, Storytelling, Outdoor games added with “My time” and relaxation. It was an enjoyable day for students.

    Poetry Recitation Compitition
    Date: Friday, 3rd March 2017.

    Venue : Basement Hall of the School


     The Inter school Poetry Recitation Competition was conducted for classes V, VI VII and VIII with an aim to infuse the students with appreciation, understanding and love for the English language. Academic Advisor Madam Pushpa Gopal, Pre-primary section head madam Prasita Nair and Head-mistress madam Shubhada Deshmukh attended the competition. The participants were excited and very well prepared with their fabulous poems. The poems were full of humor, wit, wisdom, knowledge and impressed everyone. The poems like “ Timble shines the railway cat”, “The Enchanted Shirt”, “King Bruce and the Spider”, “Night”, “The land of story books”, “The Eagle” were the gems of the competition. Prizes were given to the deserving participants group. The special guests applauded the amazing performance of the children and encouraged them to participate more and more in such competitions. The competition ended on a very inspiring note. The winners were as follows:

    Morning shift winners:-

  • VI Kanchenjunga: Secured 1st position
  • V Vindhya: Secured 2nd position
  • VII Pangong: Secured 1st position
  • VII Chilika: Secured 2nd position

  • Afternoon shift winners::-

  • VI Saltoro: Secured 1st position
  • V Nilgiri: Secured 2nd position
  • VII Dal: Secured 1st position

  • Visit to the Federal Bank
    Date :1st March, 2017

     Sahyadri National School had arranged visit to the Federal Bank at Warje branch for the students of std V. The students were enthusiastic. They reached to the bank at 10:30; there they were attended by the Branch head who explained them minutely about opening a bank account and its importance. He also explained them about all the different sections of the bank and their job profiles like Enquiry Section, Cash Section and Account opening Section. The visit at the bank was a great learning experience for the students.

    Fancy Dress Competition
    Date : 28th Feb, 2017

     An intra class competition for the STD I and STD II was conducted on 28 Feb, 2017. Children came dressed up as fairies, animals, vegetable hawkers, mythological character Naradmuni and patriotic personalities. Exemplary performances were given by children. It was a treat to watch children enacting their favorite personalities. Their acting skills and confidence level were commendable.

    Role Play
    Date : 24th Feb, 2017

     An inter school role play competition for students of STD III and STD IV was organized on Feb 24, 2017. Enthusiastic participants from all twelve sections adorned the stage with their colorful dresses and mesmerizing dialogues. The presentation was very enrapturing and made it difficult for the judge to come to a definite conclusion students enacted the role of “Jhansi ki Rani, Jijabai, Barbie doll, Bhagat singh, Sindhu tai Sapkal”. A student prepared and performed a skit on child labour. The competition provided a glimpse into India’s glorious past and was a great learning experience for our children.

    Shiv-Jayanti Celebration
    Date : 17th February, 2017

     It was a colorful Friday at the Sahyadri National School. In a unique way of celebrating Shiv Jayanti, around 1008 students of the Primary section along with our respected Head Mistress and all our staff members and parents were the proud spectators.

      A small cultural programme was organized for the young talents to nurture and inculcate the life value of Shivaji in them. The programme began with the welcome speech which introduced the life of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and was followed by an English skit entitled, “The discomfiture of Shaistakhan.”

      Shiv Jayanti was celebrated with traditional fervor. At last the Head Mistress of the school delivered her thoughts about the great Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj. She asked the students to realize the worth of adopting the values taught by Shivaji Maharaj.

    School Picnic
    [STD 1 to STD 4]

     Sahyadri National Schoool, January 28th 2017: The annual picnic at SNS was held on 21st of January of std II and IV and for for std I on 28th January,2017 with great enthusiasm and merriment. This year the venue for std II was the Gram Sanskriti Udyan and the Seven Wonders Park; whereas for std IV the venue was Appu Ghar at Nigadi. About 482 students joined the picnic. The day was fine and everyone was delighted. The buses started at 9 am from the SNS premises and reached at their different destinations by 10:30 am.There was great enjoyment and pleasure in the buses such as singing, dancing and reciting. We took snaps of different historical relics.Some photographs look alive. We spent about three hours there. It gave the students a fresh vision and a new thought. At last, the picnic came to an end at about 2:30 pm through a lot of joy and pleasure and we reached to the school premises at 3:00 pm.

    Sports day celebration – Primary
    Date: 27th and 28th January 2017

     “Gold medals are not really made of gold. They are made of sweat, determination, persistence and hard-to-find alloy called guts.” The much awaited Annual sports day was held on 27th January and 28th January,2017. The pleasant weather was a perfect boost for the students on their sports meet at the school play ground. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a ground way with the events being inaugurated by the special guest of the day. The event commenced with the Torch Relay followed by the oath which was administered by the Headmistress Mrs. Shubhada Deshmukh, Academic head Mrs. Pushpa Gopal and Pre-primary section head Mrs. Prasita Nair, after which, the H.M. of the school declared the sports day open. Up next was the various complex formations in their P.T. display whereas the relay race was the icing on the cake. A peppy dance drill and an energizing exercise drill set the tone for the young athlets. Students of class 1st to 4th completed class-wise in the events including sack races, obstacle races, lemon and spoon and book balancing. The ended with our special guest, Mrs. Shubhada Deshmukh congratulating the winners with medals and certificates.

    Republic Day Celebration
    Date: 26th January 2017

     The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in all its grandeur at Sahyadri National School on 26th January, 2017. The flag was hoisted to all its glory by the chairman of the school. The students saluted the National flag and pledged themselves to uphold the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “INDIA”. The group presented the patriotic song. It was followed by a very inspiring patriotic dance. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancers were spell binding. The chief guest Mr. Vijay Barate felicitated the students who had participated and won gold, silver and bronze medals at international level. Later, the principal Shubhada Deshmukh addressed the students and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be Indians. The students dispersed after snacks with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.

    The achievers of SNS are :-

  • 1. International Taekwondo Bronze medal winner : Pranit Gholap
  • 2. National level Speed ball Gold medal winner: Gunja Yadav, Shraddha Bhor
  • 3. National level Speed ball Bronze medal winner: Nishant Joshi
  • 4. State level Speed ball Gold medal winner: Aishwarya Dhumal, Santosh Rathod
  • 5. State level Taekwondo Gold medal winner: Siddhesh Jagtap
  • 6. National level Wrestling competition participation: Tejas Kumkar
  • 7. District level Taekwondo Gold medal winner: Atharva Pawar
  • 8. State level Speed ball Gold medal winners: Piyush Ubhe,Tejas Zende, Siddharth Singh, Gayatri Lokhande, Ankita Malusare,Siddhi Thorat,
  • 9. Taekwondo third rank winner: Sakshi Jadhav
  • 10. Swimming competition Third rank winner: Prathamesh Sonar
  • 11. State level Karate competition Gold medal winner : Sakshi Kshirsagar

  • Sahyadri Sports Meet 2016-17
    Date: 6th and 7th January 2017

     Sports and athletics have been an integral part of Sahyadri National School for several years, keeping up the tradition, this year too SNS organized its 4th Sahyadri Sports meet with the same spirit on the 6th and 7th January at Sanas Ground, Swargate. Director of SNS Mr. Vijay Barate and his wife Mrs. Vaishali Barate graced the occasion as the chief guests. The event commenced with the torch relay. The oath was administered by the Headmistress of the school Mrs. Shubhada Deshmukh, the Academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal and the pre-primary section head Mrs. Prasita Nair, after which the chief guest declared the meet open. 40 schools participated in the sports meet. It was 2880 participants who made the meet a grand success. The event included a member of races such as 100m and 200m running races and mixed relay for different categories. Participants from prestigious institutions like Bal Shikshan Vidya Mandir, Spring dale wadgoan, Abhinav Vidyalaya, Mahesh Vidyalaya etc… with commendable vigour and enthusiasm. The sports meet concluded with a vote of thanks.

    The winners in the sports meet are: Champion Trophy: Balshikshan Vidya Mandir

    The winners in the sports meet are:

    Champion Trophy: Balshikshan Vidya Mandir

  • 1st Runner up : Springdale Wadgaon
  • 2nd Runner up: Abhinav Vidyalaya
  • Maximun participation of 270 students was noticed from Mahesh Vidyalaya.
  • Mini Fun Fair
    Date: 23rd December 2016

     To rejuvenate our students, to make them feel fresh we organized for mini fun fair on 23rd December 2016 on occasion of Christmas. We arranged for many games, movie show, tattoo painting, dare to enter, puppet show and stage performance. Our students were called slot wise, they enjoyed to the fullest.

    Educational Tour Std-VII
    Date: 17 Dec 2016

     Students of std VII visited the Science park, Chinchwad for educational tour.Our students observed different terms of science and technology, Activity area, Inflatable planetarium..

      Our students explored science in a most natural and entertaining way. In the garden students experienced the application of Physics.

    Educational Tour Std VI
    Date: 17 Dec 2016

     An educational tour was organized for the Class VI to Baneshwar and Balaji Temple, where our students saw the beautiful botanical garden and Baneshwar waterfall. They got to know that the temple was constructed in 1749 by Peshwa Nanasaheb.

      Later on our students visited Prati Balaji temple. It’s a replica of the Tirupati Balaji Temple. Our students observed an extra ordinary painting work done.

      Students of std VI enjoyed and learned from their educational tour.

    Educational Tour Hadshi- Std IV
    Date: 3rd Dec 2016

     Our students of std IV enjoyed the picnic at Hadshi Temple.

      A team of 8 teachers and non-teaching staff were taking care of the students. Students enjoyed to the fullest, in which our students learn to share and care.

    Field Trip to Balewadi stadium- Std VII
    Date: 26 th nov 2016

     Our students of std VII visited Balewadi stadium with the team of sport teachers where they observed the different venues for all the outdoor and indoor games.

      Our students got to know that the owner of the stadium is Government of India, it was opened in 1995.
      It’s original name is “The Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium”. It was a satisfactory field trip.

    Date: 25th Nov 2016

    A programme by Scholastic “One Nation Reading Together” in which Sahyadri National School participated, in keeping with the Nationwide Reading day.

        On the 25th of Nov 2016, the students began by taking an oath in the assembly. The gist of this oath goes…” books create magic everywhere. They create an emotion of joy. We will become voracious readers.”

        Thereafter, at the allotted time, the students of std 5 to std 8 of the school, read books. Some read individually, some read in groups. It was a heartening picture to come up on - every head was bent to a world of vivid imagination. The seriousness and the engrossment on the faces of the pupils was a sight to behold! That they found an everlasting friend in the books was very palpable. It was truly an uplifting thought to all the teachers who were encouraging this activity.

        The reading was followed by narrations. Several students narrated what they read. A few of them even pointed out the uniqueness in the book – the language, the story, the plot or the illustration. A few felt the informative books were very interesting.

        All in all, the students’ response to the activity was enthusiastic and eager. Their comprehension level was good, though some of them felt free to seek help whenever needed.

    Picnic – III std
    Date: 19/11/2016

     A picnic is a short trip for pleasure to a beautiful place. Picnic gives students a temporary relief from their studies.

      After enjoying a picnic, they feel fresh and take up their studies with renewed vigour. Our school planned picnic for the std III on 19/11/2016, students to the Thergaon boat club, where they enjoyed playing in a huge garden, swings and toy train.


    24th Sept 2016, at the school premises.

       ‘INSPIRATION’ was a showcase of
    • the different disciplines of Languages, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies,
    • a wonderful display of the students’ creativity and talents,
    • an appreciative effort made by the students and teachers.



       Presentation of:
    •  literature , grammar and writing skills – presented through phrased and idioms
    •  classical characters from various classics
    •  famous speeches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Hamlet and Julius Caesar
    •  a collage of thoughts and quotations of great writers

    Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit:

       Presentation of:
    •  literature of the saints and classical writers and poets
    •  the cultural heritage depicted through festivals and folklore
    •  the sue of vocabulary in day to day affairs
    •  Powada and Bharud – the means that created social awareness


       Presentation of Working and non-working models of different scientific subjects like:
    •  The model of water purification plant
    •  The model of the solar system
    •  Sound
    •  Pollution
    •  Friction
       The students presented a practical angle to their theoretical knowledge. APPLAUDABLE!!!!


       Presentation of:
    •  Vedic math
    •  Napier’s Bone theorem
      Students demonstrated through various games their quickness in calculation, the logic in math and its usage and many other interesting aspects of mathematic.

       1. Visualization of ancient India through:

    •  Charts
    •  Toys and ornaments
      Plays depicting Buddha, Ashoka and Porus, brought alive the characters and effectively communicated their messages.

       2. World war I and II came alive with the presentations of:

    •  The reasons and horrific consequences of the two wars
    •  The countries who were in the fray
    •  The personalities that instigated and monitored the two wars
    •  Models of a shop and an aero plane
      The students emphasized on the gory after effects of the war and promoted avoidance of wars and living in peace.

       Presentation and demonstration of:

    •  Dance
    •  Music
    •  Arts and craft
    •  Taekwondo
      The presentations were colourful, impressive and fascinating. The aesthetic sense, dexterity, flexibility, strength and determination were all visible. The scintillating performances in traditional attire, by the dancers, the bravado and exactness of art of Taekwondo, left an indelible image in all the minds, to be carried home.

       The teachers were a good source of information, guidance and motivation to the students. The exhibition brought to the fore, the diligence and hard work of students as well as teachers.
      The innovativeness and expression of the students were brilliant. Kudos! A heartfelt applause, to the staff and students for the commendable show of talent, knowledge and hard work.

    Parent Session Std 4
    27 August 2016

       We have conducted the parents session on 27th August 2016 based on study skill for std IV. It was conducted by our academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal. She gave the unique ideas to improve the child study skills through slides and live examples. Parents will be definited by the session.

    Muktangan Drawing Competition

    Date: 22/08/16

    Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre organized on 22nd August 2016, drawing competition for std V to X in which our students participated with great enthusiasm. They have divided the students in two groups and accordingly the topics were given.

      Junior Group :- V to VII  
    a. Water.  
    b. Healthy Intake.  
    c. Physical Vs Digital Games.    

      Senior Group :- VIII to X  
    a. Global Warming. 
    b. Smart City. 
    c. Event in solar system / space.    

      Our students won prizes in both the groups.  
    From Junior group :-
    Rachana Pillai got consolation and Mayuri Deochak achieved first prize.

    From Senior group :-
    Aditya Nainar got consolation and Mahesh Maral won third prize. It’s a proud achievement for our school.

    Guest Lectures
    Date: 17/08/16 & 20/08/16

       To give the clear idea of paper pattern to the students of std X we have conducted the guest lectures on 17th August 2016 and 20th August 2016. For English Mrs. Sadhana Bavdekar , for Sanskrit Mrs. Prachi Gumaste , for Mathematics Mrs. Manisha Kale and for Social study Mrs. Anjali Kulkarni and Mrs. Vrinda Madgulkar guided our students. Their guidance was in the terms of paper pattern, distribution of marks ,grammar, reading and writing skills ,presentation of paper ,important questions ,study schedule and diagrams.

       After the lectures our students discussed many things to the lecturers. These lectures were conducted separately subjectwise.

    Students were satisfied after each lecture. Our students will utilize the tips given by the lecturers.

    Raksha Bandhan
    Date: 16/08/16

       Our students of fine arts made rakhis and they tied the rakhis on the wrist of preprimary children. Students of both the sections were very happy with the activity.

    Talent Hunt
    Date: 13/08/16

       We all have something special in us even we don’t recognize it . So we gave the opportunity to the tender age students of I to IV by organizing talent hunt competition on 13th august 2016, where our students participated with full energy and we got variety of talents. It was a wonderful activity where all enjoyed.

    Field Trip [STD V & STD VI]
    Date: 13/08/16

       We organized field trips for std V and VI on 13th August 2016. To give our students the experiences of the place which they are aware of but never seen, we took std V students to the water purification plant ,where they were explained the process how the water gets purified.

       Std VI went to the plant nursery ,to know about the variety of plants and their scientific names.
    Field trips were very informative

    Parent Session Std 3
    13 August 2016

       Parenting and healthy food both are must for the growing children. Holding this thought our academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal conducted a session for parents of std III on parenting and Nutrition. Gopal Ma’am quenched the thirst of curious parents. Parents were very happy and satisfied after the session.

    Parent Session Std VI
    9 August 2016

    As a parent we wished that our child should eat all the necessary eatables but exactly what quantity we should give ,we have no idea, keeping this in mind we arranged for a session based on nutrition. Our academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal conducted the session for std VI on 9th August 2016. It was an interactive session.

    Parent Session Std 2
    6 August 2016

       Session for parents is a must at this tender age , keeping this in mind we arranged a session for std II on 6th August 2016. Topic was Math taught from everyday life. Our academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal was the conductor of the session.

       Parents learnt many things after attending the session.

    Elocution competition
    2nd August 2016

       Elocution helps build listening , speaking and communication skills of students. Education not only means academics these things are also a part. Thus we organized elocution competition for std V to VII , to encourage children to speech in front of the students which helps them to eradicate their stage fear.

    Adolescent Psychology
    22nd July 2016

      A session for parents of std 9 and std 10 students was arranged on 22nd July 2016 regarding Adolescent Psychology.The resource person was Mrs. Neha Sathe (Asst. Professor ,Karve Institute of Social Services).

       Parents were made aware of different transition phases of adolescent children ,what is identity crisis, difference between cognitive ability of adult brain and teenage brain. The reason behind teenagers attraction towards internet, aggression, mobile games, opposite gender and current issues from newspapers were discussed.

       The speaker explained parents about their role as parents wherein she focused stressed more on communication skills with children eg. use of short messages, to be firm in certain decisions involving children in decisions ,giving them responsibilities and setting ground rules.

       In a nutshell the speaker touched upon the Psycho-Socio-Bio all the 3 aspects of adolescent children.The session was well received by parents, teachers and students .Children were seen to open up and to ask doubts even on later days.

    Parents’ Teacher Meeting
    Date: 29/07/16

    We conduct open day meeting once in a term to guide the parents’ for the betterment of the students and for the healthy communication between the parents’ and teachers’.


    To make our students understand that all the waste is always not to be thrown. We can use it in many ways. Our art and craft teachers guided the students to prepare the things from the waste material. Students made the best things which we exhibited in the exhibition. Parents’ were invited to visit it. Parents’ appreciated the exhibition and talent of the students.

    Field Trip [STD III]
    Date: 23/07/16

    The field trip was arranged for std III to Fire Station on 23/07/2016.

     Each class along with the class teachers and tai’s were taken to the venue. In the fire station , students observed different types of fire suits :-  
    a. Fire pre entry suit 
    b. Fire entry suit 
    c. Breathing apprated suit(with oxygen kit)   

     Our students saw the fire bus and they were explained about some nozzles. 
    a. Jet nozzle 
    b. Spray nozzle 
    c. Peacock nozzle 
    d. Revolving nozzle 

    Students were surprised after seeing and understanding all the details of fire station. It was a wonderful experience for the students as well as the staff.

    Field Trip [ STD IV ]
    Date: 23/07/16

    Our students of std IV went on a field trip on 23/07/2016 ,saturday to Raja Kelkar Museum. It holds over 20,000 objects of which 2,500 are on display. Our students saw the skills of the Indian artists at the time. The door frames , vessels, ornaments, musical instruments , painting and carvings.  
       One of interesting part which our students observed is the “ Mastani Mahal”.
      Now our students are updated with the history of Raja Kelkar Museum.
      It was an informative trip.   

    Nutritious Food Week
    Date: 18/07/2016 to 23/07/2016

      Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. A nutritious , well balanced diet is the foundation of good health. So, we also celebrated nutritious food week from 18 / 07/2016 to 23/07/2016 , where we asked the students to bring the nutritious food in their tiffins. Also we showed the students videos of the same. It was a nutritious and delicious activity through which the students learnt the importance of nutritious food.

    Story Telling Competition
    Date: 19/07/2016

      Stories are the easy way for people to understand information and also have always been effective tools to transmit human experience. Narrative is the way we simplify and make sense of a complex world. To encourage our students for it we organized story telling competition on 19 July 2016 for std III and IV on the occasion of Guru Pournima.

      It was a theme based competition and theme was Guru and Shishya. Criteria for judging was expression, pronounciation , presentation ,voice modulation. Students participated enthusiastically. We are proud to get wonderful story tellers in the school.

    Guru Pournima Celebration : V to VIII
    Date: 19/07/2016

    We celebrated Guru Pournima for std V to VIII on 19 July 2016 by presenting a song. Information and a story related to Guru and Shishya. It was a short and sweet cultural activity to enhance the releationship between a teacher and student.

    Election Report

    DATE: 11th July 2016

    'General Election 2016' was conducted on 11th July 2016 .Students volunteered to become student representative who will be shouldering quite a lot of responsibility during this academic year. Students who volunteered were given symbols. They made the placard and campaigned in school during assembly. Finally students from std 5 to std 10 cast their vote digitally in school's computer lab. This way we get an opportunity to teach children to vote for their choice ,preparing them to be responsible citizens.

    Field Trip [STD I]

    Date: 09/07/16

    The field trip was arranged for std I to Fire Station on 09/07/2016.

     Each class along with the class teachers and tai’s were taken to the venue. In the fire station , students observed different types of fire suits :-  
    a. Fire pre entry suit 
    b. Fire entry suit 
    c. Breathing apprated suit(with oxygen kit)   

     Our students saw the fire bus and they were explained about some nozzles. 
    a. Jet nozzle 
    b. Spray nozzle 
    c. Peacock nozzle 
    d. Revolving nozzle 

    Students were surprised after seeing and understanding all the details of fire station. It was a wonderful experience for the students as well as the staff.

    Field Trip [STD II]

    Date: 09/07/16

    Our students of std II visited Joshi Museum on 09.07.2016 Saturday , the only miniature city in India and it is mentioned in Limca Book of Records. Students got immure knowledge about the railways working systems and signals. It was an informative and innovative field trip.

    Kargil - Shourya Gatha

    30th June 2016

    A session for std 9th and 10th students was arranged on 30th June 2016 regarding Kargil - Shourya Gatha.The speaker was Mrs. Anuradha Prabhudesai (Founder , president of Lakshya Foundation) The purpose of the session was to motivate the children ,make them aware of the soldiers ,their lives ,their valour, courage and sacrifices.


    Experiences shared by the speaker of the valour and indomitable spirit of the Kargil heroes namely Capt. Manoj Pandey, Capt.Anuj Nair , Capt. Sourav Kalia, Major Padmapani Aacharya made a deep impact on the minds of students.


    The speaker emphasized on 3 D's i.e Determination,Dedication and Devotion as the backbone of success. The extempore and expressive oratory of the speaker and the audio visuals sensitized students and also inculcated the flame of patriotism in their minds. It was very visible that the students were moved to admiration.

    Poster Making Competition


    We all have talent in us but we never get a chance to expose it. Keeping this in mind we Sahyadri National School organized Chart making competition for VI to VIII and poster making competition for III and IV on 25/06/2016. It was a theme based competition and themes were 1. save water 2. My Earth, My Duty.


    All the children participated enthusiastically , we got good artists. The responsibility of the students can be seen through their posters.


    Exposes can enhance talent..

    Yoga Day


    The word “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj , which means “ to join” or ” to yoke”.


    We celebrated International Yoga Day on 21 / 06 / 2016 the aim was to make the students aware of the importance of yoga in routine life.


    It was nice to see the combination of students and teachers doing yoga.

    Speed Ball Competition

    6/05/2016 to 8/05/2016 at Satara

    The eighth international sub-junior speed ball sports competition was organized at Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Sports Complex , Satara. The students of Sahyadri National School ,Warje ,Pune participated in it and came out with the flying colours. Piyush Ubhe and Gunja Yadav won the Gold medal and Shraddha Bhor won the Silver medal. Tejas Zende , Siddhant Singh and Nishant Joshi bagged the Bronze medal.


    The various teams of boys and girls from Maharashtra as well as Delhi ,Karnataka ,Kerala , Jammu-Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajsthan, Madhyapradesh , Goa , Tamilnadu, Orisa, Himachal Pradesh , Chandighad participated enthusiastically in the competition.


    In this competition Maharashtra state won the champion trophee. The participants of Sahyadri National School played an important role in this victory.

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