A safe, stimulating and friendly environment is necessray to encourage a child to develop in his multiple intelligences the school provides them.
Our school staff - is well qualified and experienced.They undergo various educational programmes every year so that they can impart new methods of teaching.Thus,we provide enriching learning environment…

1. Infrastructure

The school has four-storey building with three spacious multipurpose activity halls and its own play area. Class rooms are well ventilated and equiped with state of art teaching aids. Standard of hygine is excellent.Filtered drinking water facility is provided to the students. Special emphasis is given to cleanliness.


The staff is well qualified and experienced, well instructed in periodic educational programs so that new methods of teaching are imparted.


Psychological aspects of our students are attended to. Trained inhouse Counsellors are available whenever needed. We also have enhancement and Enrichment Centers in school to help those who need extra inputs and to nugde ahead those who need challanges. This help in building the students confidence and also motivating them.


With the ever changing and evolving modern day scenario, it is the need of the hour to equip tomorrow's professionals with the ability to adapt to change and to conquer the challenges posed.

So our school has introduced some innovative value added programmes in the form of E- learning multimedia system, This aids the students to sharpen their analytical, visual, communication and presentation skills.

This programme will constantly upgrade and update the students to give them, the much needed edge for accomplishing their goals.


Buses are the carriers of our precious wealth . . . our children. So on security grounds the school transport committee has fixed up certain rules for the children who avail the bus facility.

Our school provides bus facilities with a lady attendant to look after the children only to certain routes.
Bus attendants are responsible for the seating arrangements of the students in the bus. Mobile facility is pfrovided for any emergency.
Female bus attendants are especially responsible for the girl's safety and descipline in the bus.

Parents who wish to avail bus facility for their ward can inquire in the school office for further details. Parents will be made aware of these rules once their children start availing bus facility.

Bus transport is prompt.

6. Computer / Science Lab

First hand experience is the best method to imbibe Science and Computer knowledge. An environment that induces experimentation and free trial is provided in the labs.

All the necessary modern equipment, apparatus, study material is made easily available. This allows for a research bent of mind.

10 computers (teacher-student ratio 1:20) and high speed internet connection for the easy access of students under teacher's guidance.


Our Library which is stocked with books on various subjects is made available to enhance the students knowledge and help the children learn library skills and thus accept the library as a part of their world, long before they learn its purpose and appreciate its value.

Also, we conduct various co curricular and cultural activities to enhance childrens' socio-emotional skills. It's an activity through which we establish and develop in children positive feelings about themselves.

Educational trips [ Field Trips ] are organized to different places for imparting information and hands on experiences.

8. Ground Facility:

Physical activities help not only in the physical fitness they also refresh the burdened mind so such effective exercise and activities are conducted and enough play time is provided to the students.

9. Parents' and students' Sessions

We often motivate the parents to make the best use of the child's formative years and equip them to handle the ever changing new era. This achived with time to time open day meetings, sessions, workshops and lecture for the parents. The workshops are on topics that are relevant to different age group and its requirements

10. Bicycle Parking Facility:

Students are health conscious and also eco-friendly. So to avoid pollution they ride bicycle to reach school every day. Well planned parking facility is provided to such enthusiastic youngsters to encourage them.