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Parent Sessions
Academic Year 2018-19
7th July 2018

   “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

   Discipline plays a major role in our life; it is a key factor responsible for a successful life. Keeping this in mind, a session on ‘Discipline in children’ was organized in our school for Std.2 parents on 7th July 2018. The session was conducted by our Headmistress Mrs. Shubhada Deshmukh. She discussed about discipline and various methods through which one can discipline his/her child. This session provided effective guidance to all the parents and was very well appreciated by them.

7th July 2018

   “For many children, practicing the ability to recognize sounds in words can make a big difference in how fast they learn to read.”

   Phonics helps to read the letters. It helps the child to recognize sounds in words by which they are able to spell the words correctly. A session on ‘Phonics’ was organized in our school for Std.1 parents on 7th July 2018. The session was conducted by our Coordinator Mrs. Lakshmi Wadekar. She discussed the correct way to teach children by using phonics. This session also provided the practical information and ways to support their child’s learning. It was a very informative session for all the parents and also well appreciated by them.

9th June 2018

   Parent’s orientation programme was held on 9th June 2018 for the New Admissions from STD I to STD VII. The orientation was started with the self introduction of the coordinators and teachers. It was continued by explaining the parents about notebooks, calendar and diary. The Headmistress briefed about upcoming academic year. She also explained about:

1. Transport:-

   Each school bus will have a lady attendant. School has approved some private vans and their details are available on the school’s website.

2. C.C.E. (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) :

   Each school bus will have a lady attendant. School has approved some private vans and their details are available on the school’s website.

Standard Formative Summative
STD I 70 20 (Written)+10 (Orals)
STD II 70 20 (Written)+10 (Orals)
III 60 30 (Written)+10 (Orals)
IV 60 30 (Written)+10 (Orals)

Academic Year 2017-18
Parent Session Std 3
13 August 2016

   Parenting and healthy food both are must for the growing children. Holding this thought our academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal conducted a session for parents of std III on parenting and Nutrition. Gopal Ma’am quenched the thirst of curious parents. Parents were very happy and satisfied after the session.

Parent Session Std VI
9 August 2016

As a parent we wished that our child should eat all the necessary eatables but exactly what quantity we should give ,we have no idea, keeping this in mind we arranged for a session based on nutrition. Our academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal conducted the session for std VI on 9th August 2016. It was an interactive session.

Parent Session Std 2
6 August 2016

   Session for parents is a must at this tender age , keeping this in mind we arranged a session for std II on 6th August 2016. Topic was Math taught from everyday life. Our academic advisor Mrs. Pushpa Gopal was the conductor of the session.Parents learnt many things after attending the session.

Adolescent Psychology
22nd July 2016

  A session for parents of std 9 and std 10 students was arranged on 22nd July 2016 regarding Adolescent Psychology.The resource person was Mrs. Neha Sathe (Asst. Professor ,Karve Institute of Social Services).

   Parents were made aware of different transition phases of adolescent children ,what is identity crisis, difference between cognitive ability of adult brain and teenage brain. The reason behind teenagers attraction towards internet, aggression, mobile games, opposite gender and current issues from newspapers were discussed.

   The speaker explained parents about their role as parents wherein she focused stressed more on communication skills with children eg. use of short messages, to be firm in certain decisions involving children in decisions ,giving them responsibilities and setting ground rules.

   In a nutshell the speaker touched upon the Psycho-Socio-Bio all the 3 aspects of adolescent children.The session was well received by parents, teachers and students .Children were seen to open up and to ask doubts even on later days.

Parents’ Teacher Meeting
Date: 29/07/16

We conduct open day meeting once in a term to guide the parents’ for the betterment of the students and for the healthy communication between the parents’ and teachers’.

Kargil - Shourya Gatha

30th June 2016

A session for std 9th and 10th students was arranged on 30th June 2016 regarding Kargil - Shourya Gatha.The speaker was Mrs. Anuradha Prabhudesai (Founder , president of Lakshya Foundation) The purpose of the session was to motivate the children ,make them aware of the soldiers ,their lives ,their valour, courage and sacrifices.


Experiences shared by the speaker of the valour and indomitable spirit of the Kargil heroes namely Capt. Manoj Pandey, Capt.Anuj Nair , Capt. Sourav Kalia, Major Padmapani Aacharya made a deep impact on the minds of students.


The speaker emphasized on 3 D's i.e Determination,Dedication and Devotion as the backbone of success. The extempore and expressive oratory of the speaker and the audio visuals sensitized students and also inculcated the flame of patriotism in their minds. It was very visible that the students were moved to admiration.

Parents Orientation

To give a clear vision of our school to the parents every year we organize an orientation programme for the parents of I to VIII.


This year we have conducted an orientation programme for Ist Std. Separately, on 11 / 06 / 2016 and for std.2 to std 8 only new admissions on 12/06/2016 ,where the teachers , coordinators , Academic advisor and Headmistress were introduced to the parents. Explanation of the calendar , Notebooks and Diary was done. Our Headmistress briefed the activities of the new academic year to the parents. It was an open platform for the parents and teachers to communicate and clear the doubts which help both parents and teaches to handle the tender mind in a proper way.


While catering to the emotional and mental needs of the child we also cater to the physical needs of the child by arranging workshops on Health and Need of a Balanced Diet as per the age group.


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