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Welcome to Pre-Primary

  Kindergarten look like all fun and games i.e. music, story time, dancing, art, craft etc. but there’s an intense amount of brainwork going on. In Sahyadri children learn through play and creative activities like:


  1. • Communicative skills - More importance is given to enhance language and to build their communicating skills through songs, stories, informal talk, picture talk, object talk etc. We use attractive flashcards, colourful picture books, puppets to reinforce the activities.

  2. • Eye hand coordination - Our tiny tots are given puzzles, beading, lacing etc to develop their eye-hand coordination.

  3. • Imaginative and cooperative play – Through this children develop their sense of self, build imagination and come up with new ideas.

  4. • Cognitive skills - Readiness activities like puzzles, dominoes, circle time, riddles etc are conducted in the class to build up their cognitive skills. Through games, premathematical experiences like seriation, classification, one to one correspondence, patterning, counting, and comparative concepts help the children to be thorough with their cognitive skills.

  5. • Fine motor skills - They develop these skills through art and craft activities such as tearing, crumpling, pasting, moulding etc.

  6. • Gross motor skills - Active play in the form of running, jumping, hopping, dancing, balancing and including the children in variety of games enhances gross motor skills.

  7. • Social skills and Independence - This skill is required to build confidence. Children develop their social skills while playing and interacting with their classmates and teachers.

  8. • Intellectual skills – We give them lot of visual experiences through project methods to motivate their intellectual skills. For eg: cooking experiences, calling resource person, arranging field trips, science experiments through the use of five senses which help the child to retain the information, the interest, attention span and the level of understanding.
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    Cultural Activities:-

      The cultural heritage of India is a vast treasure house of knowledge at SNS. We inculcate moral, social and cultural values right from the childhood through different activities and festival celebrations like Ganesh festival, Ramzan Id, Rakshabandhan, Diwali, Christmas etc.


    At SNS we organise an Annual Concert based on different themes so that the hidden talents of the children are brought to the forefront and a feeling of harmony is imbibed in the children.