Welcome to Pre-Primary

   Preprimary section is where imparting education is the most challenging task. Therefore it is very important to make a child develop love for school and learning. Playway method is used to impart knowledge and engrave the concepts in the minds of the children. Academic, social, physical, emotional developments are all catered to through different methods that are uniquely designed. Activities like shloka recitation, art & craft etc. not only cater to the emotional and mental needs of the children, they also help in building confidence. The curiosity of the child is answered to at all times. The child is encouraged to express his ideas and views in his own ways.


   There is a Language room, Maths room and a science room for the children to experiment and enhance their tender minds. The classrooms of SNS are a comfortable place for each and every child to explore new ideas. The atmosphere, seating arrangement and activity in each class are designed in such a way that they are unique and cater to that particular age group. This enables the children to enjoy each moment spent in the school. The play area has a sandpit, see saws, slides, tricycles etc. which help in the physical development of the child.


   E-Learnng techniques and audio visual aids are used to give a live effect in the teaching learning process.


   ‘Reading is the entrance of ‘knowledge’. At SNS library books are issued to the children to be taken home so that the thirst for reading is developed and satisfied. Special emphasis is laid on language skills along with other different skills through art and craft activities, experiments, cultural programmes, picnics and annual concert. We have an efficient and dedicated teaching and non teaching staff who make the children feel at home and at the same time work for the progress of the children. Our goal is, ‘The overall development of the child, that is, the social, physical, emotional, aesthetic, cultural and academic development’.

   Sahyadri National School is truly a place to have fun and grow!!!



Play Group  

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