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Social Awareness Activities
Std V - Cleanliness

Date: 28th Feb,2017

Sahyadri National School, Warje undertook a cleanliness drive with a spate of activities during the month of February,2017 for class V. A special cleanliness drive was carried out on 28th Feb,2017 to the place behind Atul Nagar reverbreak to mission of the campaigning. The students took a pledge to clean their school, homes, public places and surroundings. Students were given handy tips to keep their surroundings and school clean. They enthusiastically took up brooms and garbage bags to clean up every nook and corner of the garbage area of Atul Nagar. The whole drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the students. The students realized that any work is best done when it is carried out by a person himself.


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STD 7 –Human Rights

Date: 25th Feb, 2017.

The Human Rights Activity for the students of Std VII was organized on 25th Feb, 2017. The morning shift students along with their teachers covered the residential areas of Bhopale Chowk and the afternoon shift students were very much excited when they were talking about their rights and duties to the residents. They spoke about the ten safety points what everyone should keep in everyday’s life.


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Social Awareness activity: Traffic values _ Std VI

Date: 15th Dec,2016

Traffic rules play a very important role in the traffic system of country. These rules are made for avoiding traffic jams and accidents in the cities and town. So, our students of std VI went to Warje traffic signal to aware the public regarding traffic rules, on 15th Dec,2016. Our students prepared written slogans on traffic rules. Our students learnt how to interact with the unknown people.


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Social visit for the awareness of AIDS to various locations

Date : 07/06/2016

The students of std X visited various locations in the vicinity of the school to spread awareness regarding HIV and AIDS as a part of their annual social visit which is a graded subject.In the same accord , some people from the NGO named 'Dishaprakalp" also visited the school and gave the students information about the deadly Human Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (HIV) and the Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)."Dishaprakalp" is an NGO which spreads awareness regarding the fact that people suffering from HIV or AIDS are not really harmful to individuals or to the society and hence should not be discriminated against by the society. The students were also told that the HIV AIDS does not spread if you shake hands with an infected person, you use the washroom, soap or towel used by an infected person. In short it is not contagious . The students were also given the precautions to be observed in order to avoid the spread of it and they were :- use condoms, throw away the needles and syringes after they have been used once and observe precautions during blood transfusion. These sessions enlightened our students towards the information on this deadly disease and encouraged them to spared awareness regarding the same.

Social visit to 'Matoshree Old Age Home’

The students of std X visited Matoshree Old Age Home as a part of their annual social visit .The students met almost all of the 130 inmates at the old age home and helped out with the cleaning of the place where as the boys helped out with the more strenuous tasks. The inmates at the old age home were overjoyed to see the students. The representatives of the old age home delivered speeches for the students which were really inspiring. Not just this ,the students also participated in the folk songs, the inmates had pre-planned for the students visit. All in all , the school had an opportunity at the Matoshree Old Age Home.



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